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Understanding Hoarding

Seriously Organized is the leading company in the Midwest when it comes to working with hoarders. We were featured in the Star Tribune, November, 2009 regarding this topic and have since become a leading authority on the subject. We train housing inspectors, health and human services workers, and fire marshals throughout the metro area on how to have a better understanding of hoarders and, as a result, have a successful relationship with the clients they work with.
We work with people who are:
  1. Ready for a dramatic change in their lifestyles
  2. Eager and want to learn how to take charge of their homes and lives
  3. Prepared to put in the hours of hard work with the help of a professional organizer
We begin our planning and design consultation by allowing the client to tell us their story. This lets us ask questions about their lives, so we can gain a better understanding of their unique situation. Due to our experience with hoarding, we have a deep understanding of how ashamed and embarrassed most clients feel when we first come in. With our positive attitudes and subject matter expertise, we know how to make them feel comfortable and help them understand that they are not alone. Our goal in this step is to get them to the point where they know that the past is the past, and today they have the opportunity to move on and change, making their futures brighter and better.
After discussing our client's background, we move on with the consultation by highlighting their strengths and engaging with them to create a plan for fixing the problem. We focus on moving past the reason behind what got them to where they are, so we can create a lifestyle that can be easily maintained.
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