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Our Approach

We want to organize your stuff once and for all. We won't do band-aid approaches to organizing, we want to do it right, so it is simply organized.

1. Plan

We want to figure out what your needs are within your space and how to best use the space available to meet all of those needs. We will identify your problem areas and concerns and formulate a plan to address each area and solve your organizing problems once and for all.

2. Design

We'll recommend furniture and storage systems that utilize available space, meet your storage needs, and fit perfectly in your home or office.

3. Sort

The first step to organizing is sorting all of the clutter into categories. This will entail sorting items into six simple categories. We then sort again into subcategories for specific organization.

4. Purge

This is determining the functional value of an item, and discussing how useful and essential the item is in your life. Items that are no longer needed will be sorted into the categories of relocate, garbage, donate, sell, recycle and/or shred.

5. Organize

This is where we make sound decisions about how your "stuff" should be stored to give the most benefit. Items will be rearranged by category, order, proximity and ease of use. This is also where most of the tips and tricks of staying organized are discussed and implemented.

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