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Organizing Tips

Getting organized doesn’t have to overwhelm you. The trick is to do some planning and some legwork before you organize and then the organizing will take care of itself.

Have A Plan: Before you do anything – from buying furniture to organizing products – sit down and think about what your project will entail from start to finish.


Less Is More: Having space on surfaces makes the area look less chaotic and helps reduce the tendency to let clutter get out of control.


Sorting Before Purging: It is essential to sort before you purge. It gives you a solid inventory of what you have and helps you make fast decisions on keep vs. go.


Go Online: About 80% of paper in your home can be found online. Bills, bank statements, magazine articles, and reference materials – almost everything can be located on the Web.


Everything Needs A Home: This is where the organizing happens, you have created space, sorted and purged your items. Having a clear inventory you can put items in order of importance.

Leave Empty Space: When organizing an area, go by the 30 /70 rule. Don’t fill up your space more than 70%, the 30% that is left over will give you room to grow.


Labels: There is a reason why ALL professional organizers own label makers – labeling works. Label drawers, shelves and bins to help everyone in the family easily find what they need.


Double Duty: Save space by utilizing items that can pull double duty. For example, use multi-purpose pots, pans, dishes and small appliances.


Consistency: When buying storage containers, buy many of the same kind. This allows you to stack and store them easily.


Know When To Call For Backup: If organizing is not your strong point, hiring a professional organizer is always a good idea. You will get the expertise on how to be the most efficient and support throughout the process.

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